Over the years, we've been fortunate to work with
wonderful clients & are happy to say we have satisfied customers. Thank you for trusting us with the dreams & plans you have for the place you call home.




Honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, experience, transparency with billing, meticulous attention to detail and punctuality only begin to describe our experience working with Rob Krepstakies.

Rob Krepstakies rebuilt our brand new home after a house fire in 2011. This was a great challenge requiring a full scope of skills and know-how. Our home was rebuilt to perfection with numerous additions including wood ceilings and post and beam detail using the region's finest artisans.  

Rob Krepstakies works with only a handful of trades people, most of whom have been with him for fifteen or more years, and he otherwise does the work himself. Rob personally reframed the entire roof of our home by hand using the skills he obtained working with his father, the company founder.  

Simply stated, Rob Krepstakies eats, sleeps and breathes custom home building.  He starts and finishes on time, leaves a clean job site, always, at the end of the day and is always ahead of the progress schedule. He is on site every day and supervises every trade.  No detail was missed during the rebuild.  It has been a year and a half since the rebuild and we have not had a single issue with a single item because everything was done to perfection. 

When it came time to payment everything was open book.  Wow, how refreshing! A detailed report came every month with a cover page outlining the total bill, together with a breakdown by trade that was followed by original invoices.  Without exception, the bill was less than he had prepared us for.  In fact, he went out of his way to save us money.  For example, after obtaining a quote to remove and replace the smoke damaged insulation (a $10,000 quote we approved) he proceeded to remove all of the insulation himself, by hand.  This saved $4,000.  We would have never known until we saw the savings on the monthly bill because he extended the savings to us!

There was one day that I became exasperated due to all of the stress after the fire.  I was in the basement moving some boxes that were covered in soot, trying to sort through and pick up the pieces.  Rob stopped working and came "off the clock", and helped me move boxes and tidy up.

We simply cannot say enough positive things about Rob Krepstakies and his team.  We would build with him in a heart beat and not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  




Given that we were experienced in house building, when we recently decided to build our "dream home", we wanted to ensure that it was done perfectly. Rob Krepstakies and his team not only met, but far exceeded our expectations in every way. Not only did his reputation and expertise precede him, but his professionalism, attentiveness and courtesy throughout the entire project was incomparable.

When the construction was completed, he was always readily available and pleased to take care of any issues that arose.

Rob's honesty and ethical integrity is of the highest order.

Rob Krepstakies Construction is truly among the finest home builders in this region. If we were to ever build another home, we would definitely call Rob for the job.





My husband and I highly recommend Rob Krepstakies to anyone searching for an excellent builder of a customized home in waterloo region and beyond.

Krepstakies constructed our lovely two-storey home with finished basement in Hidden Valley, Kitchener.  From the beginning of the project Rob spent a great deal of personal time with us, allowing us as much input into our new house as we wished.  For example, I had already selected an “exterior” facade of my favourite house from an American home magazine. I had also sorted through blueprints and had my own ideas of the numbers and individual designs of the various rooms we wanted (including bathrooms, closets, sun porches, garages, foyers, laundry room, fireplaces, etc.). 

Together, with an architect, Rob was able to put these ideas into practice;  in fact, into an architecturally pleasing, modern house.  Just imagine!  Select the look of the house you want from a magazine, then describe the number, the placement and the styles of the individual rooms you want and viola!  Out comes a hard copy of your concepts in a workable blueprint!  It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Whether he knew it or not, Rob made me feel as if I had designed my entire home from scratch!  At the same time, he was careful to advise on the practicality of various features from his own years of experience and to help ensure that our home would be appealing to others when it came time to sell.

Rob encouraged us to come and observe the building process at each stage, an invitation which my husband, in particular, appreciated.  He also came to our own home at the beginning of each building phase to explain what would be happening next, and to ensure our understanding and satisfaction.  At each stage he personally took us to his suppliers to select the precise materials we wished him to use, and to act as a liaison.  Rob had dealt with many of the suppliers in the region and he knew exactly the ones to use.  That saved us time and money.  Not everyone might want as much input as this, but, since this was to be our dream home, it was a fun project for us.  We appreciated the amount of involvement he offered, yet were also happy that he gave his candid advice when asked.  Rob seemed to understand innately, the degree of involvement the customer wanted.

Unlike the horror stories one hears about some custom builders, our experience with building our own home was extremely positive. Rob was always on time in his scheduling and in our meetings. He was consistently honest and responsible. He invariably looked out for our best interests….be it with the developer, or with city bylaws; Rob was always personable and friendly. He managed his workers and worksite like no other builder. All his workers were polite, and the site was always kept clean. Of his trades he tolerated only the best. We noticed that there was neither swearing, raucous music nor any garbage on Rob’s sites!

And the good news doesn’t end here.  During the past five years of our occupancy, Rob has cheerfully returned to deal with any concerns.  For example, when wind damaged a glass insert on our deck, he repaired it at no cost to us.  While here, he was dissatisfied with the appearance of the paint job on a particular wall and arranged to have it repainted for us.   

In summary, Rob Krepstakies is highly respected by other builders and developers in the region.  He combines many years of experience with his youthful sense of modern trends.  From our personal experience, however, Rob is his own most severe critic and it certainly shows.  Many people who visit our home are impressed with the high quality of its fit and finish. 

My husband and I highly recommend him.  




Working with Rob was a pleasure.  He was courteous, friendly, and above all professional. He made sure that we were satisfied with every little detail of our home. With his kindness and hard work, he turned our house into a home. There is no doubt that if we ever decide to build again, it will be Rob that we turn to first.




We decided to investigate having our dream home built. Having always been one with an eye for quality, my wife and I began to look around at different custom homes built in the twin cities. Comparing not only excellent quality and cost, our searching finally led is to our builder of choice, Robert Krepstakies (Krepstakies Construction Ltd.).

From our initial meeting with Rob at Tim Horton’s on a Sunday afternoon, meeting Rob at job sites he was working on, checking workmanship, quality, detail and his crew, we developed a real sense of peace and extreme satisfaction on our choice of builder. 

Working with Rob from design to the beginning of construction was a learning experience in itself. Rob explained in detail how everything was to proceed. During the building of our home, Rob was very professional, courteous and extremely considerate in meeting all of our expectations and more. Not only was he this way during the construction of our home, but also more importantly after our home was completed. Through this experience, we also recognized what it means to deal with an honest, dedicated and committed person. If we ever build again we wouldn’t give a second thought about not having Rob build for us.

 Krepstakies Construction Ltd. = Quality, Integrity and Honesty 




We are so thankful for the excellent job that Rob Krepstakies and his team did in building our home. From beginning to end, Rob made the home building process much easier and less stressful than we expected. 

We feel very fortunate to have had Krepstakies as our builder and we recommend without reservations Rob Krepstakies to anyone looking to build a new home. We are actually sad that we have no other building projects as we miss the daily experience of watching work being done in a friendly, timely and professional manner.